Know, anticipates, fulfills the desires of your customers.
Follow the advice of the most advanced artificial intelligence of the tourism world to increase the satisfaction of your customers and your sales.

Why A.I. Travel Assistant

A.I. Travel Assistant is the most advanced artificial intelligence of the tourism sector. It analyzes for you the information on social media, web and news to anticipate the needs of your customers. Tips, advice and analytical data to better your proposals and attract new loyal customers.

Automatic Contents

Setting up automatic contents without any editorial effort. Millions of texts, descriptions, locations, events, courses, geolocated and updated in real time.

Dynamic Updates

Trends, tips and advice, updated in real time to be always one step ahead of your competitors with high-value proposals.

Constant R&D

Research, study, real-time analysis of social media, web and news to satisfy all the needs of your customers with tailored content.

Data Analysis

A.I. Travel Assistant provides an advanced analytics platform to control, in a glance, the old and the new market trends.

Smart Planner

Anticipating the customers needs you will be able to help them living a full experience, recommending places and events that are of their great interest.

Data Intelligence

A.I. Travel Assistant makes it transparent and easy to use the most advanced semantic technology for the travel industry, the most interesting data is ready for use.

A New Point of View

A.I. Travel Assistant uses a revolutionary approach. Not only an analysis to improve the visibility of your business but a methodical and constant research to attract new customers. Knowing your customer will allow you to meet all of their needs before it is expressed.
The goal is to follow the customer before, during and after his journey, and his trips to come, to turn a satisfied customer into a loyal customer.

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Fully Automated

Measurable Results

Loyal Customers

Continuous Analysis

Targeted Suggestions

Unique Technology

Business & Innovation

Knowledge is Power

Multiply the potential of your business with the revolutionary system that finds information in Big Data, understands, creates autonomously, and keeps constantly updated, tens of thousands of contents. Millions of customers, places, events, services, routes and destinations always at hand.

Technology & IP

A.I. Travel Assistant is the ultimate semantic system of the travel industry.
Innovation certified by the Italian patent application filed and world PCT.


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